• Hi, I need this tester as soon as possible….

  • Jim Swenson

    Nice to see this kind of work published for hobbyists to consider…

  • Jim Swenson

    I am noticing more students having projects that need switching converters from solar-arrays to charge batteries, especially lithium. It’s is a doubly picky application, because (1)solar cells have a distinctly limited current, and their voltage can collapse if the switcher tries to draw full current, and (2) multiple lithiums in series need their charge-balance maintained.
    This chip might need an op-amp added to handle variable-sun solar cell input well. I wish IC manufacturers would invent a switcher with a 2nd feedback input to limit the Vin voltage decline. The usual UVLO with hysterisis & delay tends to be very inefficient at times. And not adjustable.
    Any ideas how this can be run from a 5-6v solar array?

  • Jim Swenson

    I was referring to simple chips & boards such as your sx1308.

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